Whether you are looking to drop body fat, increase your muscle, fit back into your favourite clothes, regain energy levels or adopt a new life-style, our Project Summer Ready Challenge has the skills and determination to help you achieve any and every goal you have.  

Designed to ensure success and leave nothing to chance. We have nailed the art of Transformation Coaching by developing our Signature Success System which has helped to change the lives of 177 and counting… everyday people within the Brisbane Community over the past 2 years!  

#1 Accountability  

Stay fully committed with your Accountability coach. Our team of coaches will be with you throughout the process to make sure you don’t walk the path alone and will achieve the goals you desire. Every successful individual needs support on their journey to achieve massive success.

#2 Nutrition For Results  

Design and follow your own customised and personalised nutrition plan so you never make a mistake with food again (don’t worry there’s no chicken & broccoli or fad diets here). The plans are simple to follow and perfect for those with little time. It is about nutrition fitting into your life not your life fitting into nutrition.

#3 Community of Support  

This is where it’s truly at! When you BELONG to a community of awesome people, just like you, it provides more meaning to the process. Our team and clients are truly some of the best people on earth! We hold regular events for all of our community members so we have an opportunity to get together and have a blast! You are a part of a family!

#4 First Class Training

We don’t just throw together a bunch of scribbled exercises on a board. Our sessions are structured to both challenge you, get results and also have a little fun! We pride ourselves on professional written and coached training sessions so you know WHY & WHAT you are doing every time you step foot in our facility. Our coaches give you the education and support to ensure absolute success.

Whats Missing... That’s YOU! 

Don’t wait another day! Click the BUTTON below Book your time to meet us and see if you qualify for our challenge. Experience life-changing results and never look back! We are excited to meet you!  

Who Is Project Summer Ready For?

Are you a member of the Brisbane Community who values and respects quality coaching, first class service, an amazing community and can trust the process that will help you achieve results?

If this sounds like you, then you are going to love us here at FITA-U Performance Centre.  

Our members are just like you, busy mum’s & dads, hard working professionals & small business owners who are:  

• Time poor • Need to keep their energy up and health on track to keep stress levels down • Want to be a good role model • Know that need to put themselves first which in turn positivity impacts the people who they are around • Have attempted other gyms, programs etc. but couldn’t achieve sustainable results

Results from Past Challenges...

Janine Crawford

"The recent 8 Week Winter Challenge helped me to lose 10kg of body fat. If anyone is looking for someone to help them in their fitness journey, I would definitely recommend the team at FITA-U Perfomance Centre"

Annegreet Mienjtes

"I have done numerous challenges in the past but this time the 8 Week Challenge at FITA-U Performance Centre brought awesome results. I was able to lose centimetres on my hips, buttocks and waist along with dropping a total of 7.3kg of fat. Training with a very dedicated and encouraging team of Coaches and in a small and friendly group environment made it more motivating and fun"

Cheryl Norlander

"FITA-U Performance Centre changed my life! Ash is awesome. I lost 12kg of body fat in 15 weeks and now feel better than ever. Biggest impact has been to my family life as we now are all living a healthier lifestyle. Totally recommend!"


Why Choose Us?

Because we have helped our members to lose (and keep off) 100’s of kilos, fit back into their clothes, move better and regain an abundance of energy through our Challenges and beyond! With over 15 years of combined experience amongst our team, we certainly know our stuff when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition &&mindset and everything in between! We guarantee that we aren’t just “another gym”, because we listen to our client’s feedback and truly care about them! With that being said, we are super excited for what will be our best challenge to DATE and can’t wait to see the incredible results before our very own eyes!  

Whats Included?

• 3 x 45 Minute Small Group PT sessions/week (see our TIMETABLE) • Personalised Meal Plan Designing & Fat Loss Recipes • Unlimited Yoga and Core Classes • 2 x Nutrition Education Seminars • Access to our Epic Saturday AM Class • Before & After Testing • Online Community Forum • Weekly Q &A Webinar • RESULTS!!

Bonuses... - The 5 Steps To Simplify Fat Loss E-Book - Strength Training Technique Videos - How To Read Food Labels Video with Andrew Hall from A to Z Nutrition 

More Results That Speak For Themselves

Kaitlyn McGinley

Lost 12kg of Body Fat over 2 Challenges!

Amanda Adams

Lost 3.1kg of Body Fat!

Kevin Francis

Lost 6.2kg of Body Fat and gained 300 grams of muscle!