We get it, Winter is tough to stay motivated through! It was easier to hit snooze on the alarm and stay in your warm bed, snuggle up on the couch with a block of chocolate or glass of wine! You have probably gained a few unwanted kg’s and not feeling too crash hot but instead of staying Winter hibernation mode, take action NOW so you start feeling like a like new person by the time the warmer months roll around!

We’ve help transformed many people like you through our signature 8 Week Program, giving them the tools they need to be a better version of themselves not only by the end of the 8 Weeks but well beyond. Now we’re inviting YOU to join our 8 Week Winter Project and become part of our awesome community!

Project Begins In....








This Project will:

✅ Pull You Out Of The Winter Slump

✅ Help You Drop Between 2-8kg’s Of Body Fat

✅ Build Up Strength & Energy Levels

✅ Make Training & Exercise Fun & Easy To Sustain

✅ Kick the Bad Eating to the kerb & create sustainable nutrition habits

✅ Increase Your Metabolism

✅ Start Your Ultimate Transform

What’s Included:

👋🏻 2 x Seminars to help you make a seamless transition into our facility and get you on the right track

💪🏻 Up to 4 Expert Guided Functional Training Sessions per week (We have an Olympic Gold Medalist as one of our Coach’s)

🍇 Personalised Nutrition that is simple to follow and allows to eat the foods you love while still getting results

📕 Our Recipe Book which includes over 40 tasty, easy to follow recipes that the whole family will love

➕ 100% Accountability and Support from us and your team so you never just feel like another number at a big gym

📉 3 x Hi-Tech Measurements at the beginning & end of the challenge to see your progress

📄 Creating A Continued Success Plan for after the 8 Weeks!

🏋🏼‍ Join our amazing Community Forum

✅ Results-Focused Studio built around YOU


Down 7.3kg of Fat!

Down 3.1kg of Body Fat & up 700 grams of Muscle!

Down 4.9kg of Body Fat!

Down 3.1kg of Fat!

Down 5.7kg of Fat!

Down 4.1kg of Fat!

Down 6.2kg of Fat!

Down 13kg in 4 months!



“Helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary results”

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