The Speed & Strength Accelerator is totally different to anything we have done before! It is ideal for those with an intermediate to advanced strength & fitness level, who are looking to refine their technique and take their overall performance to another level by improving speed & strength. This short 4-week program still has some emphasis on nutrition but is less about fat loss and more about how to easily build your plate with a special focus on gut health, muscle recovery/growth and periodising carbohydrates for optimal training performance.

Would you like to:

✅ Become stronger and leaner at the same time

✅ Education and refinement on your technique to help increase your performance in the gym

✅ Learn how to eat for optimal gut health, recovery and muscle growth

✅ Increase your metabolism

✅ Increase Overall Health and Fitness

✅ Be apart of an amazing supportive Community

What do you get?

🏋🏼‍ 2 x Technique and Performance Workshops to help you get the most out of each lift

🍇 1 x Nutrition Seminar with Sports Dietician/Nutritionist, Ange Clark from iPerformance Nutrition

💪🏻 Access to 2 x extra FITCon Classes to help improve your overall fitness & strength

🤸🏼‍♀️ Access to our weekly Stretch Therapy class to help improve your flexibility

📉 Before and after performance testing to accurately measure how much progress you have made

➕ Outside of gym workouts that are specific to helping you improve your performance 

💯100% Accountability and Support from us and your team so you never just feel like another number at a big gym

✅ Results, results, results!

There will be separate Male and Female categories with Intermediate & Advanced sub categories in each. Prizes and Awards up for the best performing athlete in each subcategory!


*PT Membership must be active to be able to participate

Are you ready to take your speed & strength to another level?!

“Helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary results”

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