Strength – Upper Body

FITA-U Performance Centre - Semi-Private Personal Training Mobility & Activation Warm-up 10 x Reverse Grip Dislocates 15 x Normal Dislocates 20 x Banded Forward/Upward Presses 12 x Scap Pulls 10 x T3 Raises Warm Up Sets on Bench Press: 2 ...
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YinYang – 09/02/2020

FITA-U Performance Centre - Group Training Warm Up Duel Dowel - Best of 5 8 x Inch Worm into Thoracic Extension 12 x Scapulas Pushups 20 x Squat with Thoracic Rotations 25 x Banded Glute Bridge into Adductions Metcon E2MOM ...
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FunctionFit – 28/01/2020

FITA-U Performance Centre - Group Training Warm-up 1 min of Knee cradles 1 min of Deadlift walks 1 min of Jefferson Curl 1 min of Banded Glute bridge Skills A1): Deadlift (4 x 5) A2): Banded Kettlebell Swing (4 x ...
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How To Burn More Without Spending More Time In The Gym!

Are You Someone Who Is Glued To Your Desk Almost All Day Long & Struggle To Get Your Steps Up?  Hitting 8-10k steps can seem like a bit of a far stretch, but it’s not as hard as you think! ...
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The Plank – Performing It Correctly!

In this v-log we look at one of the oldest and most well known core exercise but is so often done incorrectly. Here are 3 simple tips to help you get hold the safest and more effective plank.  ...
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How Challenges Can Help You To Achieve Long Term Results!

The fitness industry is growing at a rapid rate and over the past few years fitness or transformation challenges have become increasingly popular around the world! From 28 day to 8- and 16-week challenges, these are just some of the ...
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