FITA-U Performance Centre – Online Hybrid Program

Mobility & Activation

10 x Crab Reaches

10 x Shoulder Rocks

10 x Double Dead Bug

20 x Dynamic Pigeon

20 x Cossack Squat

20 x Monster Walk

60 sec banded squat hold with KB
Video Demo:


600 Rep KB Workout (Time)

4 rounds – 25 min Time Cap:

10 x Around the Worlds with KB/DB

20 x Goblet Lunge

30 x Goblet Squat

40 x KB/DB Plank Touches

50 x KB/DB Swings

60 sec rest

*If you finish before the time cap, you will perform 10 x Pillar to Plank EMOM until the time cap.

Cool Down

Warm-up (No Measure)

Yoga with Roger!