FITA-U Performance Centre – Online Hybrid Program

Mobility & Activation

10 x Worlds Greatest Stretch
10 x Cossack Squat
10 x Hamstring Squats
10 x Walking Deadlift
30 sec Front Foot Elevated Split Squat Hold (with KB)
30 x Monster Walks
Video Demo:

Strength – A Series

A1): Goblet Squat (8 x 8)

New Set Starts Every 90 sec

Video Demo:

Strength – B Series

EMOM – Every Minute On The Minute (No Measure)

Used to prescribe an exercise or series of exercises which is to be completed every sixty seconds. The time left over in each minute after completing the required number of reps on the exercise/s, will be your rest.

Once your have completed exercise 4, go back and start again at exercise 1. Repeat like this until 4 rounds have been completed (16 minutes of total work)

1: Pistols (5.5)

Video Demo:

2: Glute Bridge (15)

Lying on floor, raise the hips towards the ceiling and squeeze the glutes.
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3: Goblet Step Back Lunge (5.5)

Video Demo:

4: Banded Clams (15.15)

Video Demo:

Cool Down

Glutes – Pigeon Stretch (60 sec per side)
Quads – Hero Pose (60 sec hold)
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